Bastian Grimm

Bastian Grimm is CEO of Peak Ace and a renowned expert for large scale, international SEO – handling sites with 1 mio+ pages in highly competitive industries. Having a background in software development and more than 15 years of experience in online marketing, Bastian still hugely enjoys all aspects of technical SEO. Peak Ace is an award winning, Berlin-based full service performance marketing agency with a strong focus on “all things search” serving clients in more than 20 different languages. Having spoken all around the globe at almost every major industry event Bastian enjoys travelling and meeting new people. Prior to running his own companies, he set up and trained in-house SEO teams for brands like Fox Mobile Group and oversaw their SEO activities in 25+ countries and for 100+ websites.

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Serverless SEO a.k.a. „Edge SEO“ #130

Was ist Serveless SEO, auch bekannt als “EdgeSEO” und wie kann man es am besten anwenden? Das beantwortet Dir Marios Gast Bastian Grimm (CEO von “Peak Ace”) heute.

An der ein oder anderen Stelle hat sogar Mario neues in puncto SEO gelernt. Besprochen wurden in diesem Podcast beliebte Themen wie Pagespeed, Google Rank, Crawling und vieles mehr. Auch Use Cases hatte Bastian Grimm in petto, ebenso wie die Erläuterung einiger Risiken m Bereich Serverless SEO.

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